Heat transfer printing (pressing) is an effective way to print all kinds of different garments, hats, bags, jerseys, promotional products, metal signs and so much more.  Heat pressing is also a way to do short run clothing below screen printing minimums, making it a flexible option for our clients needing only a few items or a different product application over screen printing.  Heat Pressing opens up tons of options which honestly turn out better than screen printing, when used.  We offer all types of heat transfer printing such as die cut heat transfer vinyl (HTV), direct to film (DTF), foil, sublimation and heat applied patches.

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Direct To Film (DTF)

Full color super durable printing method sort of like Direct To Garment (DTG) but with tons more options.  With Direct To Film (DTF) printing you are open to pressing on most any type of garment or substrate unlike DTG where you have to print only on 100% cotton products and are limited to what fits on the machine.

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

Heat Transfer Vinyl, also widely known as Heat Press Vinyl (HTV) or iron on vinyl is available in manny different stylels, colors, finishes it can be used on polos, bags, t-shirts, shorts, hats or for specialty garment types such as jerseys.


Looking for high-quality shirt printing that looks good and will outlast the garment that it is pressed on.  You’re thinking yeah right.  Running Man Graphics offers custom sublimation printing and pressing.  The sublimation process involves an advanced technique that heats a special ink at a extremely high temperature that it transforms into a gas and embeds itself into the poly in fabrics.  Thus bringing your custom artwork prints to life.

Heat Applied Emblems, Patches & Vinyl

Give a three demensional look to your logo without the cost of embroidery.  We have an arsenal of heat applied patches that we offer at Running Man Graphics.  If you want the embroidered look we offer flat or 3D embrodery patches, FlexStyle, PVC, HTV, Sublimation or Genuine Leather or Faux leather patches.

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